I've tried to answer more of the commonly asked questions below.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with more questions.   I'd love to meet you!

Acquire strong technical skills

  • Solid understanding of major big data and cloud platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Databricks, AWS, and GCP
  • Able to build and deploy data pipelines on cloud platforms using workflow orchestration tools such as Apache Airflow and DBT
  • Comfortable with building real-time and batch data ingestion
  • Deep understanding of the pros and cons of different database systems
  • Hands-on experience with data warehouse modeling and ETL
  • Hands-on experience with DataOps tools such as Git, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Familiar with all things data engineering for data scientists: maintaining pipelines, building feature stores, scheduling model training, monitoring, and deployment
  • Solid understanding of data governance and managing data engineering projects

Become an excellent problem solver

  • We don't teach our students the solutions. We teach them the ability to solve problems
  • You not only learn how to successfully implement projects, but also learn how things will fail in reality.. and learn from it
  • Udemy/Coursera/Udacity only teaches you theory. We teach you how to leverage those knowledge to tackle real-world problems

Personalized career service

  • It's not just a career center; we support our students by understanding your career goal and interests
  • You will complete several hands-on projects in this program.
  • Start building you resume in the first week of your experience and keep improving it over time
  • Get your resume critiqued by industry experts and hiring managers who have built data engineer team before
  • You learn how to build a killer portfolio website/github that impress hiring managers

Access hiring and referral network

  • Our hiring partners trust our students' abilities and hands-on real-world experience
  • Our alumni are resourceful, helpful, and supportive
  • Tap into our local recruiting network for senior level positions
  • Get coffee chat opportunities with WeCloudData's guest lecturers, mentors, and alumni
  • Our 13k+ data community gives you ample opportunities for networking

(Full-time) Gain real-world project experience

Build necessary soft skills and relevant experience via industry projects Experience can only be gained via working on real-world projects. WeCloudData brings real client project experience into our classroom-based teaching. Students get to interact with real companies, take business requests, and turn them into practical data analytics execution plans.

  • Understand end-to-end data engineering use cases
  • Learn how to communicate with clients and collaborate on real-world projects
  • Work in an agile project management environment
  • Get mentored on project management, project scoping, and communicating development results
  • Practice the skills needed for real jobs, build up your experience, and set yourself apart from other candidates