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I've tried to answer more of the commonly asked questions below.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with more questions.   I'd love to meet you!

  • What is the investment for wedding photography?
    Pricing for the full day, 9 hour wedding package including an adventure engagement session starts at $5,000. Intimate weddings and elopements up to 4 hours have special pricing starting at $2,600. For full details about my pricing, please get in touch!
  • Will you travel for my wedding?
    I would love to! I’ve traveled to Jamaica, Switzerland, Carcassonne, France and Paris, France for destination weddings and in 2019 will be shooting a wedding in Bali. Special pricing is available for Iceland, New Zealand, Morocco, and Hawaii (I happen to know Kauai like the back of my hand!). Please inquire about travel wedding rates.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    A minimum of 50 final edited images per hour of coverage. (ex. 10 hours = 500 final high res and edited images)
  • How long until our photos are ready?
    I will do my absolute best to send you an amazing sneak peek of your wedding within 48 hours!! Delivery time for the full wedding is 8-12 weeks.
  • What equipment do you shoot with?
    I shoot with top of the line Canon gear (Canon R5 + multiple Canon L series lenses) and high class/speed memory cards. Additionally, I have a top of the line DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. I will bring two cameras to your wedding and multiple lenses. I shoot with two memory cards per camera to have a backup file for every image as they are shot, and will backup your entire wedding to multiple drives when I get home - no chancing it!
  • Do you do same day edits for weddings?
    I do have an add on for a same day edit so you and your guests can swoon over your images during the dinner and/or reception. Please inquire about this with me.
  • Do you have a second shooter?
    I have a wonderful second shooter, but typically shoot weddings solo (especially those under 160 people), as I feel confident to capture everything you’d desire. If this is something you’d like, you can add this to your wedding package. Please inquire about rates.
  • Will I receive raw images?
    The quick answer is no. Why? RAW files are unfinished and the 40mb Mark IV raw files are also not in a format you’ll be able to open on your computer. It’s not directly usable – it needs to be edited and converted into a final JPEG image. How I edit my raw images is part of my brand and artistic identity and delivering the final images is what you’ve hired me for!
  • Payment schedule details
    50% due at time of booking to confirm your date. Non-refundable deposit - refer to terms of contract. Remaining balance due one month prior to your wedding.
  • What location(s) will we choose for our engagement shoot?
    I prefer to do engagement shoots at 2-3 locations - those that have meaning to you, potentially one outdoor and indoor - and most importantly, places that reflect your personalities and love. I love ideating and coming up with elaborate adventures for these shoots. Let's connect and chat through them!
  • What should we wear for our engagement shoot?
    I have an outfit guide to help you plan for the shoot. I will send this to you ahead of the date.
  • We’d like to book you!   What now?
    Let’s connect ASAP to reserve your date! Let me know that you’d like to move forward. I require a deposit of 50% and signed contract. Please get in touch.
  • What is the investment for newborn photography?
    The newborn package is $699 and includes a minimum of 120 fully edited, high resolution images in an online gallery for you to print and share however you desire.
  • What is your style of newborn photography?
    My style is a natural, lifestyle newborn photography in your home. Your world has just be turned upside down (in the most wonderful way possible), and having our session in your home creates a much more at ease and natural setting. I also want to capture real life - the beauty, chaos, love and everything in between. Those subtle and unnoticed moments that are so raw and genuine. I photograph both the baby (all those tiny perfect details) and family in an authentic and comfortable way. Checkout some of my work here.
  • What should my baby wear?
    You're investing in this shoot, so it's important to think about outfits and plan in advance. Set aside mutliple options and I will help you choose. I lean towards more plain earthy/natural tones however having atleast one pop of colour or pattern as an option is also great. Avoid words or logos. Put out a few swaddles options as well. A plain white (or ivory) sleeveless and/or sleeved onesie is a staple in addition to what I've mentioned. Have a look at my gallery here for some ideas. I also recommend this store (but tackle this before the baby arrives): Here are some other Canadian Etsy recommendations: Swaddles Unique Patterns and Colours
  • Do you offer full first year packages?
    Yes! Your baby's first year will pass by in the blink of an eye. They also change so much during this time. I have a BELLY TO FIRST package which includes maternity, newborn, 4-6 months, 9 months and 1 year. I also offer mommy and me sessions that capture "a day in the life of baby and mommy (or daddy!!)" before you return to work. Please inquire about these packages.
  • General tips on preparing for the shoot:
    I have more tips in my pricing guide, but here are some general helpful ones: 1. Turn the heat up high so it's warm for your little one during the colder months. 2. Open all curtains, blinds, etc. to let the natural light in 3. Feed the baby ahead of my arrival. You will need to feed them again during the shoot and that's totally okay. 4. Bathe/wash hair and moisturize the baby's skin in advance. 5. Tidy up - Master bedroom night tables to be minimalistic. Please remove most items (cables, kleenex, etc.). 6. White duvet cover - I highly recommend this for newborn shoots. Next option would be something light and minimalistic. Avoid darker colours if possible. 7. Iron your duvet cover/sheets that we'll be using. Will help minimalize creases in your images. 8. Your nails - they will be in the shots. You don't need to get them done, just ensure you remove nailpolish that is noticably chipped, etc. 9. Socks - I'll typically ask you to take them off, FYI. 10. Decide in advance whether you want to do a breast feeding shot and let me know! 11. Dress in casual, neutral, lighter clothing. Avoid labels and text. Don't wear dress shirts/work clothing. We want this to be as natural as possible (in a beautiful/artistic way). 12. One couple I recently worked with hired a night-nanny the evening before our shoot so that they could be well-rested. While I've never experienced anyone do this before, I thought it was genius! 13. If it's summer we may have the opportunity to take some photos outside - consider where you may like this done in advance and run the idea by me.
  • When will we receive our images?
    I will provide you with a sneak peek within 72 hours and you can anticipate the full gallery to be available within 20 days.
  • How many days old should the baby be?
    The first 4-10 days is the perfect timing for newborn shoots.
  • What time will you shoot at?
    The best time of the day will depend on when your home is most filled with natural light. I will ask you about the natural light in your master bedroom and nursery as this is where the majority of the photos will be taken. Please consider this when reaching out so you can share these details with me.
  • What days do you do newborn shoots?
    The majority of my newborn sessions happen between Monday and Thursday. Once the baby arrives, I immediately coordinate my schedule with you to be within the optimal timing for newborn shoots.
  • Do you do shoots with grandparents?
    Grandparent shoots are so special and I 100% do these. They are intended at being extremely candid and can be some of the photos in the world. I can send you some of my past shoots if you like. I recommend giving them as a gift to the grandparents. This can be done the same day as your shoot. This can be added onto any other shoot within the first year or family shoot.
  • What do you require to book?
    A $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your session (the date can still be up in the air based on when the baby arrives, but I only take a limited number of sessions) and the rest to be paid in full the day of the shoot.
  • Can you design custom birth annoucements?
    Yes! I have an incredible designer that I work with to create custom designs that aren't your typical of what you'd find online. Please inquire for rates.
  • What is the investment for family photography?
    The family package starts at $649 and includes a minimum of 75-100 fully edited, high resolution images in an online gallery for you to print and share however you desire. If you travel to Guelph, the price is $599. I also have packages for extended family shoots of 7 people or more. Please inquire about my rates.
  • What type of family photography do you do?
    First let me say that I absolutely ADORE doing family shoots. I love children and photographing their unique, wildling, crazy personalities are amongst my favourite things. In the warmer months I mainly shoot outdoors about 90 minutes before sunset. My in-home shoots (typically the colder months) are very play and activity based to capture real life and emotion. I really want both you and your children to be yourselves and for me to be a fly on the wall candidly capturing your love and emotions. Please take a look at some of my incredible families here.
  • What location will we shoot at?
    My preference for the warmer months is to choose a natural outdoor location, especially if it has meaning to you. I live in Guelph which is surrounded by nature and can recommend some incredible spots. I can also help choose with you when you get in touch. I would limit the locations to two in order to fit within the 60-90 minutes. Some families will choose part of the shoot to be in their home/backyard and a second location close by their home (something meaningful or fun - like to get ice cream!). If we're shooting during the winter months and your home doesn't have great natural light, a good alternative option is They have reasonable rates and are located in the west end of Toronto.
  • What should we wear for our shoot?
    I have an outfit guide to help you plan for the shoot. I will send this to you when you reserve your spot!
  • How far in advance should we book with you?
    The further the better to secure my time as I only take a limited number of these shoots during the wedding months. However, if my schedule allows for it, I might be able to take pretty last minute requests. Please get in touch with your preferred dates ASAP!
  • How long are your family shoots?
    They typically range between 60-90 minutes.
  • What do you require to book?
    A $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your session and the rest to be paid in full the day of the shoot.
  • What if we need to reschedule?
    If you need to reschedule due to illness or other unforseen circumstances, please provide as much notice as possible and I will do my best to accomodate a new date. If this happens a second time, I will retain the $200 deposit as I am missing opportunities to book other clients. Booking a new date will require a new deposit. In the case of poor weather, we can choose a new date for our shoot.
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