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What if your wish was a small, intimate wedding, and then the honeymoon of your dreams?   Where would you go?

For Mona & Ahmad, that answer was Bali, Indonesia.  Following a beautiful and intimate ceremony and reception in Morocco, where Mona grew up, these two sweet souls embarked on their dream honeymoon.  I had the pleasure of capturing these two and their endearing playfulness on the island of Nusa Penida - a remote beach (only accessible in recent months) called Diamond Beach. 


This beach is the most gorgeous one I've ever seen - but i'll let you be the judge of that in the gallery below.   They say that the best things take work, and this is no exception.   Driving a beat up scooter an hour across the island on pothole filled "roads" and climbing down a treacherous cliff was no joke.  From hundreds of feet up, you're faced with massive limestone steps that lack the rope railing in many spots.  


But the reward awaits you at the bottom where a pristine, white sand, turquoise water, palms, sky-scraping rock face and turrets in the ocean surround you.   As I sat, sheltered from the sun in a rock enclave, I watched birds soar over the gorgeous water in front of me.  You can't imagine these types of places.  


Some people come for the view, snap a few photos and leave.  Please, if you ever have the opportunity to come here, stay the day and take it in.   Don't rush this beauty.   We spent hours on the beach and took our time exploring and playing in the sand and sea.  These two are so beautiful and I loved capturing their honeymoon.   


Stay adventurous, just like your love, sweet souls!   

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