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Hi, I'm Laura.  


Avid traveler (my favourite trips to date are Sri Lanka, Kauai, and Bali), dog lover (rescued mine from Costa Rica - we even have a Cheerios Commercial - HERE!!!), and doughnut connoisseur.  I'm a huge music buff and attend a significant number of live shows and photographed some of my favourite artists.  I have a wonderful husband, 2 year old boy and brand new baby girl. 


Meeting new people while creating genuine and meaningful connections is a big part of who I am and why I love this art.  I've had a camera by my side since I can remember and been shooting professionally for about 11 years - my first full wedding was in Zurich, Switzerland back in 2012!      


Thank you so much for visiting my site & for your appreciation of my art - it means the world to me to do what I love and create life long friendships with you.  

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