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Pig Stone Beach in Canggu Bali was the perfect setting for a sunrise shoot with the absolutely gorgeous, Kristin, of Yonilicious.  Kristin is a feminine embodiment coach and expert so many women's health topics.   She inspires, motivates, educates and empowers women every day - how can you not admire her?

Not only is she stunning, but first and foremost, she's an incredibly kind, bubbly, fun-loving, warm, intelligent, wise and awesome woman.  Her comfort in her skin is both mind-numbing and contagious.  Every now and again you meet someone and you're just like - WOW - that was her, and this day for me.  And gentlemen - she's single - just throwing it out there as I'm definitely putting my name in the hat to be her future wedding photographer ;-) 

Residing in Bali (now one of my favourite places!!), Kristen does one-on-one video counselling, online education, and retreats for women among many other things.  I was tasked with photographing her beautiful spirit and am in awe of our artistic masterpieces shared in this small selection of final images below.


Ladies - I am taking on more of these empowering photoshoots.   If you want to create a gift for your significant other, or even better,  do this for YOU - please reach out.  I want you to look back in 40 years and revel in the absolute goddess that you were/are.   

Thank you to Kristin for inspiring me and so many other women  - and a special callout to Adrienne who I did a shoot with the same morning who was an absolute beauty (I might just have to do a separate blog post of her images!).  


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